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CONTACT us to inquire about becoming an authorized retailer or independant sales consultant or to have your very own custom piece made! Email: ®

Shipping is done through USPS 2-7 business days with delivery confirmation and insurance! Your order is shipped out same business day if it is placed before 10am on a business day. USPS Express packages go out every day by 9am for 1-2 day delivery, per USPS Express new shipping times.

Returns are accepted on non worn, packaged jewelry within 5 BUSINESS DAYS of receiving your jewelry, minus shipping & a 20% restocking fee. Worn jewelry will not be accepted back for a refund. Please email us for the return shipping address.

Wearing your jewelry every day or for days on end or to bed or in water will likely cause the deterioration of your jewelry and is NOT recommended. Wearing your jewelry for the occasion and then taking it off each day is the best way to extend the life of it. Never submerse your jewelry into liquid or swim or shower in it. Do not sweat on your jewelry do to the acidic nature of sweat. Try to let your jewelry rest on top of your clothing. Don't spray perfumes or let lotions touch your jewelry. All of this will harm the plating by eating through it. Plating is not warrantied due to uncertanties of what the jewelry goes through after purchased. A possible lost stone is common with the nature of wearing hand set Swarovski crystals & isn't due to faulty craftsmanship. Contact us to get your lost stone replaced free for lifetime!

Here is a great article released for diy Jewelry cleaning and care:

The Bling's the Thing: DIY Jewelry Cleaners

Attention: We all need to be cleaning our bling more than we probably do. Jewelry is delicate and the daily assault of showering, cooking, (perhaps) gardening, and just spraying on perfume takes a toll on our precious metals

As a general rule, “It’s good practice to put your jewelry on last—after cosmetics, hair products, body sprays and perfume,” notes Mark Mann, the Gemological Institute of America's senior director of global jewelry manufacturing arts. (Translation: He knows way more about jewels than you or I.) “You'll protect the integrity and appearance of all gemstones and metal alloys and keep your pieces looking beautiful in the long run.” 


DO: Return your gems to sparkly greatness by soaking them in warm (almost hot) water with a bit of good old dishwashing soap for at least 30 minutes. Stick to a basic detergent, one without moisturizers or anti-bacterial ingredients. If there’s a build-up of gunk, use a soft wooden toothpick to carefully lift heavy materials away from the back of diamond after soaking.) “Then gently brush the jewelry with a soft toothbrush, working the bristles in, around, and under the diamond,” advises Mann. Rinse under warm running water and repeat until all the gunk is gone.

DON’T: Use anything involving bleach, window cleaner or household degreasers. “Abrasive cleaning products will scratch precious metals,” says Mann. “Chlorine has the potential to attack base metals in gold alloys and weaken prongs.” To avoid dirtying diamond rings in the first place, remove before gardening or cooking.


DO: Again, dish soap is your friend. Mix a few drops with warm water and then dip a soft cloth in and use that to softly rub the jewelry. Then, rinse in cool water and blot until dry. For really heavy-duty tarnish, try this baking soda recipe.

DON’T: Soak it. That actually makes tarnish worse.


DO: Yep, you guessed it: Dish soap and warm water. Let gold jewelry soak for 15 minutes, then get your toothbrush out and follow these steps

DON’T: Swim or shower in your gold — chlorine discolors gold and soap can leave a gross film on it.

Costume Jewelry

DO: Just because your jewelry isn’t the real deal doesn’t mean it isn’t delicate. (In fact, it’s more delicate because it’s not built to last.) As a rule, try and keep these fakes away from water (the stones are held on by glue, after all, and water can loosen the bond). Instead, get in there with a toothbrush and gently remove any build-up. Rinse off (quickly!) and then blow dry each piece to prevent rusting. For bigger jobs, try a bit of baby shampoo

Use regular jewelry cleaner—it’s too strong for your jewelry. 





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